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  • 2014-02-24 Off the Grid National Survey Slide 5 (Key Point #3) says "For the first time in our polling, less than half of voters now say live TV is their primary way to watch video content"; details on slide 13.
    • post summarizes: "almost 1/3 of likely voters haven't watched live TV in the past week. As voters move 'Off the Grid' and watch less live TV, they are consuming more online video content, with numbers increasing by 61% from 2012."
  • 2007-02-21 Estonia to hold first national Internet election


  • 2007-06-09 changing the ROMs of a Nedap e-voting computer in 60 seconds: the ROMs control how the machine works; a thorough visual examination of the system wouldn't necessarily be able to detect the swap. Voting machines can be designed to prevent this, however, by including a nonvolatile memory area containing an encrypted hash of the authorized ROM contents. At boot time, before loading the ROMs, the machine would compare the hash of the actual ROMs with the stored hash; if they did not match, it would refuse to boot and would display an error message alerting operators to the problem. Any machine which does not have a solution like this built into it, though, is therefore vulnerable to this kind of swap.
  • 2006-10-11 voting computer tempest attack: The Nedap ES3B voting computer leaks a signal, receivable at up to 25m, which can be decoded to detect what votes are being cast. 90% of all Dutch votes are cast using that computer, according to the video.