War on freedom

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The war on freedom has been waged since time immemorial by those who wished to acquire and keep personal power, aided by those who would trade their own freedom for personal gain.

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This war is currently being waged on the following major fronts:

  • The war on freedom in America: neoconservatives (kleptocrats posing as conservatives) have used the "shock and awe" of the 9/11 attacks, and the subsequent War on Terror, as an excuse for passing a number of measures (e.g. the USA PATRIOT Act) which themselves have begun undermining the country's legal foundation (the US Constitution, the document which made America a free country in the first place) and have also opened the door for further erosion of freedoms.
    • America itself, under its current neoconservative rulers, is expanding its reach internationally as part of the domestic power-grab, thus spreading its war on freedom to other countries. It started with Afghanistan, where it has done considerable good (the Taliban being still far worse than the neocon-run US government has yet become, as of this writing), and Iraq, where it arguably did considerable good and laid the groundwork for further good but has entirely muffed it (as far as promoting worldwide freedom, that is, but possibly not at all as far as their real agenda is concerned) in the years since declaring victory.
  • The Islamofascist war on freedom uses the religion of Islam as justification for imposing "religious" laws along fascist lines. This methodology seems to be in the process of amassing its forces in Europe, abusing the friendly socialist governmental system in place within most (all?) European countries to bully easily-cowed politicians (who give the word "liberal" a worse name than the neocons are already trying to give it in the US) into granting increasingly absurd concessions in the name of "tolerance" and "diversity", both of which are damaged and reduced by these concessions.
  • The international corporate war on freedom

We do not currently know to what degree the organizers of the various fronts are coordinating with each other (though some connections are obvious, e.g. Bush II administration cronyism helps the corporations build their power, in exchange for which they support neoconservative political candidates who continue the cycle) and to what degree they are merely examples of conscience-free self-gratification given free rein.

The war on individuality is part of the war on freedom.