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2 World Trade Center (WTC2), often referred to as "the South Tower", was one of the "twin towers" destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. It is . It was also part of the seven-building World Trade Center complex, all buildings of which were ultimately destroyed as a result of the attacks.

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  • South Tower Destruction: relatively clear, high-resolution photo of the tower tipping just before the final collapse



  • 9/11 - Mysterious Flash Occuring During Plane Impact: part of a documentary exploring the flash, viewed from 4 different angles, and advancing the "something was attached underneath" theory
    • although the flash is definitely both displaced from the point of impact and reflected in the fuselage, couldn't it still be caused by the nose of the plane as it hit some large obstacle maybe 10-20 feet inside the building? The intensity of the flash seems anomalous, though... you'd think there would have to be fuel (or an explosive) present to produce that sharp and bright a flash in such a short time.
    • clip begins with a quote from a firefighter in WTC2 saying a bomb went off, on "the last trip up" (i.e. some time after the plane impact)
    • some claim that the "pod" visible in many views of the plane proves that it wasn't really Flight 175, but have they checked to see if such equipment could have been somehow attached to Flight 175? Are there any maintenance records for the hours or days of the plane's existence?


  • phone call recording: the final minutes of Kevin Cosgrove caught on the northwest corner of floor 105, South Tower, with two others; video is mostly a loop, but the collapse is roughly synchronized with the sound of the collapse

9/11 Details

  • was hit by UA175 at 09:02:59 or 09:03:11 (EST)
  • collapsed at 09:59:04, approximately 0:55:51 after impact (and before WTC1 collapsed)