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Mayor Will Announce Plan to Ban Unsanctioned Camping Across Portland and Build 500-Capacity Homeless "Campuses"
2022/10/14 00:08


  • 2022-10-13 emilyst@Twitter «Yo these are concentration camps»
    • This was submitted on Discord with the comment "Sanctuary is coming".
    • I guess it depends on how much agency gets taken away.
      • Are homeless people allowed to leave the "campuses"?
      • Are homeless people required to sleep there? (If they're making street-sleeping illegal everywhere else, then yes)
      • What services will be provided (restrooms? food? basic medical?)

«the sight of large camps along Portland highways is a political millstone for her and other statewide Dems in tight contests.» -- you'd think the opposite would be true, since it's GOP "fiscally conservative" policies that cause homelessness.