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This page is about corruption in the 2000-2007 US Presidential administration of George W. Bush.

Although the phrase "corruption in the administration" perhaps evokes images of administration officials accepting payoffs to act against the wishes and orders of its leadership, in this case the entire administration itself is actively corrupting the ideals of America and democracy, and hence betraying the oaths of office taken by Mr. Bush at his inauguration. It is largely that larger, more deliberate sort of corruption being documented here.

Possible Goals

Bush's goals seem consistent with the idea of converting the United States into a religious (Christian fundamentalist-evangelical) kleptocracy, with the president as a quasi-religious leader ("God is in the White House") having absolute power much as in the Nehemiah Scudder scenario (written in 1940 and set in 2016). It is not clear whether he is aware that his actions fit into this pattern or if he is largely being manipulated by others, but it seems quite unlikely that the pattern could have emerged by sheer chance. If it is not deliberate, then his actions at least imply a significant level of pure selfishness, incompetence, and disregard for the democratic process, and all the morals of a playground bully: a Genghis Khan wannabe without an ounce of military sense.

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  • Bush's elevation of presidential power: Bush seems to be trying to completely remove the restraints on presidential power.
  • Bush's lies: the man has lied repeatedly, on record, with no apology or apparent remorse; he also makes promises and then quietly contradicts them with subsequent actions
  • Bush's unapologetic use of torture
  • Bush has "consistently advanced policies contradictory to his professed values" (Is George W. Bush a Conservative? by William Frey, M. D.)
  • The Bush administration's consistent overlooking of facts which contradict the picture they want to paint:
    • It seems likely that people at the top level knew, or should have guessed from the evidence available, that the Yellowcake documents were inaccurate; see Yellowcake forgery
    • If Bush honestly believed that Saddam Hussein had WMDs, he was overlooking a lot of reports from his lower-level advisors
  • Showed classified map of planned Iraq invasion, marked with a classification meaning that it wasn't to be shown to non-US officials, to Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia on 2003-01-11 – two days before then-Secretary of State Colin Powell was informed of the plans.[1]
  • "As the ranking minority member of the Government Reform Committee, Waxman has earned a reputation as the chief Democratic muckraker, obsessively cranking out reports on official misconduct and incompetence. Among them is a lengthy document detailing all of the wrongdoing by the Bush administration that should have been investigated – and would have been, in any other era. The litany of fishy behavior left uninvestigated in the Bush years includes the manipulation of intelligence on Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, the mistreatment of Iraqi detainees, the leak of Valerie Plame's CIA status, the award of Halliburton contracts, the White House response to Katrina, secret NSA wiretaps, Dick Cheney's energy task force, the withholding of Medicare cost estimates, the administration's politicization of science, contract abuses at Homeland Security and lobbyist influence at the EPA." [2]
  • The 2007 US attorney firings were largely unexplained, and would seem to be part of a larger strategy to undermine the legal/judicial process as it affects the power of the presidency