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The Center for Economic Accountability, a 3-year-old nonprofit based in Michigan that says it approaches topics 'from a free-market, limited-government "classical liberal" perspective,' called out the incentives package as going 'further than any other ... to exemplify the massive wastefulness and ineffectiveness of state government subsidy programs.'

North Carolina officials from multiple agencies had engaged with Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) for years about a site in RTP. Talks resumed this past spring$ and in April the project – code named "Project Bear" – was announced as a huge win$ for the Triangle and the state.

Apple committed to developing a 3,000-job campus on 281 acres the company controls.

The campus and engineering hub will focus on machine learning, artificial intelligence and software engineering. The high-paying jobs – with average annual salaries of at least $187,000, according to Apple – come at a cost, however. To ensure a win over Ohio, North Carolina put forward its biggest-ever incentives package.


Earlier this year Michael Farren, an economist with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, also called the sum exorbitant.

Farren said subsidies – even those in the form of reimbursements – are not free money, and that the majority of incentives are unnecessary, pointing to research that estimates just one out of every eight subsidies is actually responsible for changing a company's decision on where to locate.

'And in situations where it does cause a company to change where it locates, it causes the company to choose a less efficient spot for production,' Farren said.

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I keep finding myself kind of in agreement, at least on an emotional level, with MTG's "national divorce" idea. It would be a huge mess even if it was done right, and they probably won't want to do it in any way that's even remotely fair, and then when it's done they'll blame us for the whole thing and especially the negative consequences, but still -- I can see the appeal.

We just want very different things. They want a deeply hierarchical society with winners and losers and little value placed on individuals for their own sake -- basically an authoritarian / r-selection society -- where as we want, like, the exact opposite...

...and I do like the idea of allowing people to choose which type of society they'd prefer to live in -- see -- but there are huge logistical issues to work out in doing this... and I don't think the kindergartners whose views I'm trying to accommodate have the first clue about any of that.

As I've said many times, they're kind of proving that democratic republicanism doesn't work in the information age. We need a better system if we want to keep moving towards an egalitarian/horizontalist society.

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A lawyer of the Yekaterinburg LGBT Center was reported on gay propaganda because of the mention of "hospitable administrators, free tea and snacks"

In Yekaterinburg, two protocols were drawn up against the lawyer of the Resource Center for LGBT people, Anna Plyusnina, on the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations among minors (part 2 of article 6.21 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation). Plyusnina told about this on Facebook.

The protocols for the lawyer were drawn up on December 29, 2021. According to a copy of one of them, Plyusnina was accused of creating a website for the Queer Line of Yekaterinburg, available "for viewing by an indefinite circle of people, including those who have not reached the age of majority," and published information on events for people of "non-traditional sexual orientation" ... Thus, according to the police, the lawyer "carried out" gay propaganda.

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It's a sign of government competence that they were able to get so much of it completed in *spite* of Trump's interference. This really gives the lie to the people who love to say that government can't do anything, government is inefficient, government is the problem, etc.

Also, it's deeply troubling that a sitting president would try to interfere with the census -- and that he would be able to do so. No executive should have that much power, GOP or Dem.

The census is an essential institution of our representative democracy; protecting it should be a priority for anyone who identifies as conservative.

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GOP: forcing people to do stuff is bad and unAmerican and anti-freedom!
also GOP: [wants to require sports teams to play national anthem]

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