2004-02-15 Homosexual Marriage and Civilization/analysis

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01 : (introduction) (outline)

  1. Allowing homosexuals to "marry" would:
    1. change the definition of "marry"
    2. represent a sweeping change to (American) society
    3. not be supported by the Constitution
    4. be yet another potentially devastating social experiment
      1. ...without any prior examination of the possible effects
      2. ...without any attempt to determine if American citizens want whatever effects seem likely
  2. "The Left" is trying to make this happen against the will of the American citizenry

02 : Marriage Is Already Open to Everyone (outline)

  1. Gays are already free to marry opposite-sex partners, and are therefore not currently being discriminated against.
  2. In order to claim discrimination, they have to change the definition of "marriage".
  3. Society does not benefit in any way from labeling the bonding of homosexual lovers as "marriage".

03 : Marrying Is Hard to Do (outline)

  1. The social need for man-woman unions is apparently very strong:
    • Men and women naturally segregate from each other
    • And yet the union of a man and a woman has been a cultural imperative for all of human history
  2. Children learn their sex roles from the parent which matches their sex
  3. The Left would like to see the learning of sex roles break down (which is why they support gay marriage)
  4. If the breakdown in learning of sex roles causes problems, The Left will use this as a pretext to further break down the family

04 : The War On Marriage (outline)

  • Marriage is in the process of being systematically destroyed.
  • This is evidenced by the dramatic increase in divorces and the number of children who are born out of wedlock and grow up without a father.
  • This destruction has been going on for two generations.
  • The lives of children who grow up with one parent missing are "deformed"
  • Growing up with one parent missing is worse than growing up poor, even if you have plenty of money
  • When one parent is missing, it is usually the father
  • Only fathers can:
    • laying down the groundwork for a sense of moral judgment
    • give praise that is believable
      • believable praise is necessary for genuine self-confidence
  • Concession: some marriages are bad for the kids, and some divorced parents are able to raise kids jointly
  • ...but most kids would rather have both parents at home
  • Most kids would prefer that parents acquire the strength or maturity to change their behaviors so no divorce would be necessary

05 : Marriage Is Everybody's Business (outline)

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06 : Civilization Is Rooted in Reproductive Security (outline)

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07 : Balancing Family and Society (outline)

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08 : America's Anti-Family Experiment (outline)

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09 : Humpty Has Struck Before (outline)

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10 : The Propaganda Mill (outline)

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11 : Loss of Trust (outline)

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12 : They Think They Have the Power (outline)

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13 : Response to Letter (outline)

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