2009-12-14 visiting the Amazon warehouse

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For background on this post, read this account of Julia's decision to deliver the items to Amazon in person.

Oh, yeah, then the Indiana license plates. Each one says, "In God We Trust." Wow. I kept thinking, "Yeah, trust in God. Certainly your government isn't doing much for you."

I really seethe when I see how much religion is relied on in poorer, more industrial areas. It's so obvious that religion flourishes in the petrie dish of exploitive business practices, hands-off government policies, and the under-educated and under-opportunized.


I told this woman how seeing the inside of this place was really a thrill for me and she lit up and smiled. ... She told me the whole warehouse was "green" - had special lighting that turned off if there were no people in the area, how all the desks and all the aisles with goods were constructed from recycled materials. Then she blushed and said, "I love this place. I love this company. And I've worked for some bad ones, but Amazon is great."

I was blindsided. I did not expect this at all. The people there DID seem really happy. People were smiling, music was playing - oh yes! They had music playing loud, really loud - and it was good.