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Facts about "2011/07/23/1523/link"
AuthorIbrahim Hewitt +
OrganizationAlJazeera +
Page typeLink +
Sub-headlineDismissing this murderous act as the work of "a lone madman" ignores a more detailed study of the killer's motivation. +
SummaryInterestingly, this criminal is described
Interestingly, this criminal is described by one unnamed Norwegian official as a "madman". He may well be, but this is one way that the motivations for heinous crimes can be airbrushed out of the story before they have the chance to take hold in the popular imagination.
e to take hold in the popular imagination. +
Thing typeEditorial +
Titleheadline::Norway, Islam and the threat of the West +
Topic2011 Norway attacks +, Anti-Islam +, Mainstream media +, Conspiracy theory + and Lone killer +
When posted14:52:00, 23 July 2011 +
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