2014/02/25/Durham private school's move draws objections

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Under local law, "100 percent of the burden of proof for showing no serious impact on property values falls on the applicant," meaning the permit "should be denied," said Byker, a member of the Morningstar Law group.

Byker by contrast had arranged for a real-estate agent and an appraiser to testify that the school's presence would hurt the value of client Lee Munson's house.

Thus challenged, the board encouraged Just Right's director, Linda McDonough, to agree to delay a vote until its next meeting in late March.

"You might want to have the opportunity to make a better case," board Chairman George Kolasa told her. "If we're not comfortable with the evidence, you're putting yourself at risk for a 'no' vote."

Just Right Academy is looking to move to Durham and leave its current home, the Shared Visions Retreat Center on Murphy School Road in Orange County.