2018/06/30/Portland Police Declare a Riot

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AuthorKatie Shepherd +
Page typeLink +
SiteWillamette Week +
Summary“For the first time in more than a year of street brawling, Portland police today deemed a march by Proud Boys and other right-wing protesters too violent to continue.” +
Thing typeArticle +
TitlePortland Police Declare a Riot After Right-Wing Marchers Begin Beating Antifascists with Flag Poles +
Title/shortPortland Police Declare a Riot +
TopicUS/OR/Portland +, Antifascism +, Political protest +, Proud Boys + and Right wing +
When postedJune 30, 2018 +
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http://www.wweek.com/news/2018/06/30/portland-police-declare-a-riot-after-right-wing-marchers-begin-beating-antifascists-with-flag-poles/ +