Abortion/black genocide

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This page is about the claim that those who advocate for easier access to abortions are motivated in part by a desire to reduce the number of black people, possibly with the goal of exterminating them.

The claim is generally used to support the anti-abortion position (reduction of access to abortions by funding cuts and legal restrictions) rather than arguing for solutions which would fix the stated problem, such as requiring greater transparency for abortion providers to ensure that they are not somehow "targeting" blacks, not to mention promoting sex education and other measures which decrease the need for abortions in the first place.

Consequently, it actually works against the interests of black people by helping to eliminate services which have been shown to reduce poverty and oppression.


This claim frequently focuses on the idea that racially-oriented culling via abortion is also a goal of Planned Parenthood; see Planned Parenthood/black genocide for PP-specific discussion.


Organizations promoting this claim include:


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