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This page is about ways in which the US has behaved dishonorably.

The List

Agreed Items



These items also fall into the category of American imperialism, something which conservatives generally deny exists.

  • George H.W. Bush urging Iraqi Shiites to rise up against Saddam Hussein with the promise that we were "on our way" and would protect them, and then backing off – thus allowing Saddam to murder almost a million of his own people (while our own General Schwarzkopf pleaded for just 12 more hours to reach Basra) [1]
    • "There is another way for the bloodshed to stop: And that is, for the Iraqi military and the Iraqi people to take matters into their own hands and force Saddam Hussein, the dictator, to step aside and then comply with the United Nations' resolutions and rejoin the family of peace-loving nations." -- GHWB, 1991-02-15, on the Voice of America; sources: CNN, here, here, here, here, and Wikipedia but mysteriously missing from the George (H.W.) Bush Presidential Library archives for Feb. 1991 (a search for "Voice of America" also does not find it).
    • further reading: The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East by Robert Fisk Amazon (unchecked; submitted by 3rd party)
  • 1954: 1954 Guatemalan coup d'état "a covert operation carried out by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that deposed the democratically elected Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz and ended the Guatemalan Revolution of 1944–1954. Code-named Operation PBSUCCESS, it installed the military dictatorship of Carlos Castillo Armas, the first in a series of U.S.-backed authoritarian rulers in Guatemala."
  • 1953: Overthrowing the democratically-elected leader of Iran, Mohammed Mosaddeq (or Mosaddegh or Mossadegh), and replacing him with a compliant monarch (the Shah), because we wanted more control over Iranian oil
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