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Book banning is a form of educational censorship used by powermongers to build their power-base through rage farming and the arbitrary exercise of authority, as well as restricting access to information which might reveal the phoniness and harmfulness of their claims. The methodolgy involves pretending to be outraged that one or more books are being made available to children in schools or public libraries.

The banner (the individual or group advocating for the banning) will generally choose works of cultural significance but slightly outside the mainstream -- typically dealing with themes of oppression, minority representation, intersectionality, and other anti-authoritarian causes -- attributes known for generating community polarization, as authoritarian followers will reflexively pile on the "against" side when those causes are mentioned, while anti-authoritarians will fight to keep the books available due to their importance. The banner will typically find one or more excuses (not necessarily true) for finding the books "inappropriate"; these excuses are generally designed to further trigger authoritarian-follower outrage and support.


2022 Tennessee: multiple incidents

2021-2022 Texas: multiple incidents

2022-04-15 Florida rejects "CRT" math books

Florida officials reject more than 50 proposed math textbooks that allegedly "include references to Critical Race Theory."

2022-03-07 Idaho HB 666

Idaho HB 666 could lead to librarians being prosecuted for checking out materials that are deemed "harmful to minors".

2022-01 Missouri removes several books

2021 Virginia


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