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This page is about lies told by George W. Bush during his presidential campaign and subsequent tenure as president.

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  • Bush lied about his intentions for the US invasion of Iraq.
  • Bush often says one thing in public, with the cameras on, and disavows it later (sometimes quietly, or sometimes claiming that he never made the original statement):
    • Bush promised [?] to fire anyone at the White House who was found to have been involved with the 2002 Valerie Plame leak. In 2005, it was revealed that Karl Rove was in fact the source of the leak. Until Rove is fired, Bush has broken his word. petition to fire Rove at
      • In August 2006, Richard Armitage confessed to being the original source of the leak. (Karl Rove has since left the Bush administration for unrelated reasons.)
    • In an announcement on 2006-01-11, he pushed for return to Luna and Mars [1]; his proposed NASA budget on 2006-02-16 [2] basically pulls the rug out from under any serious effort towards humans visiting Mars [3]
    • In his 2006-01-31 State of the Union Address, he called for increased spending on alternatives to oil, specifically clean energy research [4] but reversed this the next day [5].
    • He claimed not to condone torture while supporting VP Cheney's efforts to remove torture-restrictive language from an appropriations amendment. Further activity since then suggests that he believes torture to be a necessary tool in the war on terror, despite those earlier statements; see torture during GWB administration.
  • Bush claimed that he and his administration had no information warning of the 9/11 attacks, when he was well aware that this was not true. This lie was repeated, in slightly different forms, by Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney.
  • Not long after assuming office, Bush unapologetically and without warning reversed his campaign pledge to reduce CO2 emissions. [2001-03-14]
  • As do all US presidents, Bush swore an oath to defend the US Constitution. His actions, however, have consistently worked to undermine it.


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