Deadly religion

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A deadly religion is any religion which reliably convinces its believers to take actions fatal to themselves or others.

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Suicidal Groups

  • 1978-11-18: Peoples Temple, Jonestown, Guyana; Rev. Jim Jones
  • 1997-03-26: Heaven's Gate, Rancho Santa Fe, California (believed that a spaceship carrying Jesus Christ was hiding behind Comet Hale-Bopp, and would give them a ride to "the Next Level" if they "abandoned their Earthly bodies"... or something like that)


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  • 2008-06-05 [Talk|Index] AT/P Christian couple sentenced to 22 years after guilty plea in son's starvation death § [2]“Dennis was treated like a criminal – he was locked in his room; he was monitored when he had to use the bathroom. ... He never wore clothes except for Sundays and holidays," said one of Dennis' sisters, whose identity was being withheld at prosecutors' request. "When he was adopted, Dennis had no scars or bruises, but they multiplied." She recounted an incident when Dennis was punished by being made to walk up and down stairs until he passed out and fell back down them.”