Democrats vs. Republicans

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This page is for comparisons between the respective performances in office of democrats and republicans.

There are many popular myths about the democrats, including:

  • "tax-and-spend Democrats" spend more on government services
  • Democrats are anti-military and tend to cut its funding

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  • US military spending has been steadily declining since World War II (as a percentage of both GDP and DS) with neither political party being notably more responsible than the other.
  • Red State Socialism: a chart showing which candidate each state supported in 2004 vs. whether they are a net contributor to the US federal budget. (The point is that states which support what conservatives like to call "socialism" are in fact paying for that socialism more than they are benefiting from it; the implication that they are sucking it out of the poor helpless red states qualifies as yet another example of neocon reality inversion.)


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