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The 2008 movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (the title is presumably a reference to intelligent design) is an unintentionally self-descriptive propaganda film intended to advance the anti-Darwinian claim that the scientific establishment is actively working against any alternatives to the theory of evolution by natural selection by "expelling" any scientists who advocate such alternatives. The film tries to build the case for a conspiracy among scientists to squash any views which contradict Darwinism.

The film features excerpts from interviews with prominent Darwinists Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers, whom the film credits and thanks for their contributions.

Unintended Irony

There was a notable event at a screening of the film where Myers was expelled from the theater with no explanation, while his guests (who included Dawkins and the staff of the Richard Dawkins Foundation) were allowed to remain. The sheer irony of this event, as well as the poor way in which it was handled, has been the subject of much discussion and hilarity in the blogosphere.

Additional irony can be seen in the fact that attendees to this event were warned that there would be a $250,000 fine if they were caught recording the movie in any way. The movie claims that the science establishment is attempting to suppress the point of view espoused by the movie, but in this case who is doing the suppressing?





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