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Welcome to the Google+ exodus kiosk (aka Nymwars Refugee Base), a page for coordinating connections with and between those who have left or are planning to leave G+ (voluntarily or otherwise; closing account or just not using the site; etc.). Those who are still on G+ are also welcome to use this as a way of staying connected with those who have left.

How You Can Help

  1. Give this URL -- -- to anyone who has been booted off G+, or is planning to leave
  2. If you are on G+, bookmark this page in case your G+ account is suspended unexpectedly
  3. If you know of any other meeting places for "Nymmers" (exiles, 'nym supporters, etc.) or any discussions of alternative social networks (especially distributed designs), please post them here (or send them to me).
  4. If you have URLs for public blogs of anyone who has left G+ over the Nym issue, please post them here (or send them to me).

Ways to Communicate

  1. You can register on Issuepedia and post on this page's discussion page, which is a threaded forum.
    • Once registered, you can also "watch" this page (click on the tab at the top of the page) to receive notifications when it is updated.
  2. You can contact me directly, and I can repost information here.
  3. As we accumulate links to off-G+ venues (individual blogs, alternate social networks etc.), you can use those venues to contact people directly.

Social Networks

  • The Nymmers Social Network on, which is still in beta, welcomes pseudonyms. is open source and may have the potential to be adapted into a distributed social network; see below. For now, though, it's mainly a quick way to have a network that isn't name-restrictive while we work out a longer-term solution.


  • CommunityWiki's existence seems to have been inspired by the NymWars, although its scope includes social networking in general

Long-Term Solutions

As a result of the naming policy debacle (aka Nymwars), there was a surge of interest in creating a distributed social network. Several ultimately emerged, though not necessarily as a result of Google+ policies (at least one, Diaspora, pre-dates Google+ by about a year; another one, Mastodon, was more a reaction to Twitter than to Google+).

Exiles List

planning to leave

(I know of several others, but either I don't know if I have permission to add them to this list or I have lost track of their announcements.)


  • 2011-08-23 Google+ is failing!: G+'s share of Google's web traffic is down significantly, and even Google's overall traffic is showing a slight decline. This could be entirely coincidence and nothing at all to do with Nymwars.