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Google+ (pronounced Google Plus and often written as "G+") is a social networking service created and operated by Google. It was in beta (and invitation-only) for much of July, 2011, but as of 2011-07-31 the home page and sign-in page showed no signs of any restriction. General public release was on or about July 31 with open access to all afterwards.

Features and Technology

Basic features of Google+ include:

  • Circles in which users may organize others.
  • User Profile page
  • Stream
  • +1 Button
  • Photos
  • Hangouts
  • Communities
  • Notifications
  • Search

At its heart the service resembles a blogging or microblogging platform with a very limited (and buggy) Markdown format, in which posts may appear in other users' Streams.


Google+ has been the source of a number of controversies over its existence, including:

  • "Real Names" policy and "Nymwars".
  • Gender disclosure.
  • Government censorship, particularly in the People's Republic of China.
  • YouTube Comments / G+ integration.
  • "Two Factor Authentication" and phone-number registration.


Numerous criticisms and analyses of Google+ have been made and could well be linked here including those by User:Woozle and/or User:Dredmorbius.


  • /exodus: information kiosk for those who have left, or are planning to leave, G+ (voluntarily or otherwise)
  • /management: the people who make decisions about G+ /policy
  • /policy
    • /naming: the infamous "common name" policy, and the controversy regarding it
  • /suspensions: list of users whose accounts have been suspended due to ostensible naming policy violations
  • /users: small experimental database for tracking G+ users (including management)

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