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Google+ (pronounced Google Plus and often written as "G+") was a social networking service created and operated by Google. It was in beta (and invitation-only) for much of July, 2011, but as of 2011-07-31 the home page and sign-in page showed no signs of any restriction. General public release was on or about July 31 with open access to all afterwards.

The service shut down on April 1, 2019. Much of the user content has been saved to the Internet Archive, though indications are that the sampling was quite sparse.

Features and Technology

Basic features of Google+ included:

  • Circles in which users may organize others.
  • User Profile page
  • Stream
  • +1 Button
  • Photos
  • Hangouts
  • Communities
  • Notifications
  • Search

At its heartm the service resembled a blogging or microblogging platform with a very limited (and chronically buggy) Markdown format, in which posts may appear in other users' Streams.


Google+ has been the source of a number of controversies over its existence, including:


Numerous criticisms and analyses of Google+ have been made and could well be linked here including those by User:Woozle and/or User:Dredmorbius.


  • /exodus: information kiosk for those who have left, or are planning to leave, G+ (voluntarily or otherwise)
  • /management: the people who make decisions about G+ /policy
  • /policy
    • /naming: the infamous "common name" policy, and the controversy regarding it
  • /suspensions: list of users whose accounts have been suspended due to ostensible naming policy violations
  • /users: small experimental database for tracking G+ users (including management)

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