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  • link: http://www.talesfromthe.net/jon/?p=2918
  • title: Why it Matters: Google+ and Diversity
  • when: 2011-07-27
  • source: talesfromthe.net Liminal states
  • author: Jon Pincus
  • summary: Just a few days before Google+'s doors officially open on July 31, Google's latest communications from Vic (via Robert) and Bradley on the raft of account suspensions and “common names” policy seem unlikely to put the “identity crisis” to rest. It's certainly a positive sign that they're engaging, and process changes like giving people with names Google doesn't like a week to change their account name before suspending them are certainly improvements. That said, the impression they're giving is that they're going to try to hold the line with the current policy even knowing that it targets transgender people, human rights activists, people at risk for stalking and harrassment domestic violence survivors, HIV/AIDS victims and caregivers, people with names that sound weird to Americans (or for that matter people in Hong Kong who would rather go by their English names)..."
  • topics: Google+ Google+/suspensions Google+/policy/naming diversity