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The Koch family are powerful political operators in the United States consisting primarily of:

The phrase "Koch brothers" most commonly refers to Charles and David either as wealthy and powerful individuals or in their capacity as the ruling executives of Koch Industries.


Americans for Prosperity is a think-tank founded by David Koch and a board member of Koch Industries.



  • Wikipedia
  • ConservapediaConservapedia is an unreliable source. strangely tries to paint them as progressive: "They have been anti-Trump to the point of even supporting delusional efforts at the Republican National Convention in July 2016 to somehow deny the nomination to Trump. The Koch brothers have been pro-choice globalists who tend to undermine efforts to strengthen American sovereignty and border security. In 2018, the Kochs spent money to reelect the pro-abort Dem senator from North Dakota, whom pro-lifers had a chance of defeating."
  • dKosopedia: no equivalent page and very little information found in a search for "Koch" (as of 2014-04-12)
  • SourceWatch
  • RationalWiki: see Koch Industries



  • Bernie Sanders argues that the Koch agenda can be derived from the 1980 Libertarian Party platform, since David Koch ran as Vice President on that platform (see also AATTP)