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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a religious organization founded in New York State (United States) in 1830. Its members are known throughout the world as "Mormons". Its headquarters today is in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the Church has had significant influence since Mormons founded it in 1847 after gathering first in the Western Reserve area of Ohio in the 1830's, in western Missouri during the same timeframe, and in Illinois in the 1840's.


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Doctrinal works

The Mormons believe that the canon can occasionally be added to, hence the term "open scriptural canon". Most branches of Christianity do not accept this practice, believing that canon must remain fixed.

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  • 2014/07/02 [L..T] Cliven Bundy's cousin: "He was raised in a racist predicament" "Explaining that she and Bundy were raised as Mormons, Robertson said, “For the first 130 years of our church, they taught that black people carried the curse of Cain,” adding, “That's why their skin was black. He was raised in a racist predicament.”"
  • 2014/05/01 [L..T] Why the Mormon Church Won't Say "Homosexuality" "In the LDS leadership, you will rarely hear someone say the words "gay" or "homosexual". Occasionally in older talks they will mention "homosexual" or "lesbian behavior". If you go to their site to research topics, this is what you will find when you search for "homosexual":" ("see Same-Sex Attraction")