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commentary from here on 2008-05-04:

To paraphrase Gertrude Stein "An attack on Iran is an attack on Iran is an attack on Iran".

And let me break down precisely what will happen if the US does yield to the urge of this madness:

  1. The Persian Gulf will shut down completely, cutting us off from much of our oil.
  2. This attack will leave our soldiers ever more in harm's way in Iraq, because all the various factions will unite against us.
  3. As much as most Iranians don't like Ahmedinejad, they will rally around him in the face of a foreign attack.
  4. Russia (which does have nukes - lots of them) may well defend Iran, as their diplomats have stated in no uncertain terms that an attack against Iran will be perceived as an attack against Russia..
  5. This could well erupt into a much larger regional war.

Anyone in the state department, or executive of the US would even begin consider this a rational move should be collectively be removed from office, per the 25th amendment to the Constitution. - Michael Rivero

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