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Some quick notes (originally by jsrrts), to be expanded later:


Authoritarian Followers score highly on:

  • The Right-Wing Authoritarianism scale (RWA) (Chapter 1)
  • Could be ~26% of US public (see footnote 9 chapter 3)

Authoritarian Followers are:

  • Submissive to established, legitimate Authorities in their society
    • Scored low on Illegal Government Wiretap Seriousness test
    • Favoured the Repeal Bill of Rights letter
  • Highly aggressive on behalf of those Authorities
    • Longer Sentences for the Punishment of Mr Smith
  • Self-Righteous
    • Score highly on the Predijuce test
  • Fearful
    • Score highly on the Posse test
  • Highly Conventional
    • Score highly on the Dangerous World test
    • Score highly on the Young People Notion test
    • Performed poorly on the Global Change Game
    • Score low on the Experiences Scale (Chapter 2)
  • Illogical, uncritical Thinkers
    • Less independent on the Existence of God decision test (Chapter 3)
  • Have Highly Compartmentalized Minds
  • Exhibit Double Standards
    • Show Double standard on the Trials Case test
  • Hypocritical
    • Score highly on the Censorship Quiz
  • Un-Self-Reflective
  • Profoundly Ethnocentric
    • Score highly on the Group Loyality Quiz
  • Dogmatic
    • Score highly on the Dogmatic (DOG) Scale


Authoritarian Leaders score highly on the:

  • Social Dominance Orientation scale Chapter 5
  • Weak correlation with the RWA scale
    • (which is why they are more like separate dimensions)

Authoritarian Leaders are:

  • More prejudiced than followers
  • Desire power
    • Score highly on the Personal Power, Meanness, and Dominance Scale (MAD)
  • Intimidating, Ruthless, Vengeful, Religious Pretense, Little Empathy
    • Score highly on The Exploitive Manipulative Amoral Dishonesty Scale (Exploitive-MAD)
  • Dislike Equality
    • Score highly on the Against Equality test
  • "Lethal Union" with Authoritarian in power, RWA following.


Double-Highs score highly on both "follower" and "leader" scales:

  • The Right-Wing Authoritarianism scale (RWA) Chapter 1
  • Social Dominance Orientation scale Chapter 5
  • 5-10% of Authoritarian Leaders are Double Highs

Double Highs are:

  • Worst of the lot - Score "worst" on all scales
    • Score highly on The Exploitive Manipulative Amoral Dishonesty Scale
    • Score highly on the "Militia" scale
  • Most prejudice
    • Very high on the Prejudice test
  • Best chance of attracting RWA followers
    • Together performed badly on the Global Change Game
      • planet reliably reduced to radioactive wasteland
    • Overreach on power and domination

religious fundamentalists

Religious Fundamentalists score highly on the

  • Religious Fundamentalism scale (Chapter 4)
  • Solid Majority are RWA (followers?)
  • Correlated .47 with Dangerous World
  • Correlated .61 on "Liberal--Conservatism" Scale

Religious Fundamentalists are:

  • Evangelical
    • Most are classified as Evangelical by the Evangelical Test
  • Religiously intolerant
    • Score highly on the Religious Ethnocentrism scale
  • Illogical, uncritical Thinkers, Compartmentalized minds, Double standards, Hypocritical, Dogmatic, Selective Ignorance
    • Correlated .62 with Dogmatic Scale
    • School Prayer: Majority Rights, unless... test
    • Selective Ignorance on Evolution
    • The Bible is always right, unless... test
  • Little belief in scientific method
  • Happy
  • Zealots
    • Score highly on the Zealot scale
  • Less Guilt
    • Have cheap grace on the Guilt resolution test
  • Bible reading
    • Scored only 60% on easy Bible Quiz
    • Read on average about 20 books of the Bible 1/3 of total