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Transnegation is a form of social stagnationism which has the net effect of needlessly working against the social rights or equality of transgender people, generally by denying that transgenderness is really a thing. It is not necessarily malicious in intent, and is often couched in sympathetic terms, though the reasoning always seems to point towards unspoken transmisia as a root cause. Where it appears sympathetic, it is typically based on disinformation.

Transnegation takes a variety of forms.

As overtly religious arguments lost traction over the late 2010s (having shed most of their credibility during their war on gay people), social stagnationists have found more subtle ways to lend their ideas plausibility and have reoriented their focus toward criticism of transgenderness, which lags behind homosexuality in its popular acceptance.

There are also a growing number of self-identified feminists and "pro-woman" advocates (not necessarily feminists) who represent themselves as believing that trans rights represent a threat to women's safety. Since these people do not represent the majority of feminists (or even the majority of cisgender women), they have become referred to as "trans-exclusionary radical feminists" or "TERFs".

The TERF branch of anti-trans advocacy most notably represents a growing political force in the UK, where trans rights have been well established for some time but legal improvements and updates are needed in order to accommodate improved understanding.


  • /JKR: author J.K. Rowling has been a heavy promoter of anti-trans beliefs and sentiments
  • /UK: anti-trans advocacy in the UK



People who promote anti-trans beliefs include:


  • 2018-04-05 Ankhassa@Twitter "There is no need for any other definition for a woman apart from "woman". Its a description which has been representative for thousands of years. As has "man". If it doesn't suit you why on earth would you claim be one?" -- The last tweet in a long discussion that began with a link to a YouTube video entitled "Transgender Women Aren't 'Women'"



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