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"TERF" is short for "trans-exclusionary radical feminism", a misnomer by which gender essentialist reactionaries pretend to be egalitarian while in fact working to reinforce and reinvigorate rigid hierarchical social dichotomies – a form of false advocacy.


The acronym is more frequently used to refer to practitioners of this ideology, i.e. "Trans-Exclusionary Reactionary Feminist".


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  • 2018-04-05 Ankhassa on Twitter "There is no need for any other definition for a woman apart from "woman". Its a description which has been representative for thousands of years. As has "man". If it doesn't suit you why on earth would you claim be one?" - ignorance boldly on display


  • 2018-02-15 [L..T] Transgender Women Aren't "Women" "I wanted to talk about the fact that I personally find it kind of offensive when transgender people don't own the fact that they're trans." Video is Tweeted, and much debate ensues.
  • 2018-01-15 [L..T] Arsonist TERF thinks trans women are immoral & should be beaten "I’m quite prepared to threaten violence because it seems to me that politically what they’re seeking to do is piss on all women. That’s what they’re doing for their personal gratification. There aren’t many of them, but what really offends me is the extent to which academia and political parties have listened to them in a way that they’re not listening to us as women." – Linda Bellos
  • 2017-04-04 [L..T] Are Butches Disappearing? (video) "I've had enough of anti-trans lesbians attacking me, or trying to "save" me, which is incredibly condescending and erases the years of research and soul-searching (I actually prefer soul-creation) I have done. So I wanted to put all my thoughts down into a (big) “bite sized” chunk here to direct them to when they start to vomit a word salad at me."
  • 2015-04-13 [L..T] I guess I’m an MRA now First let me point out that the litte tweet I chirped out was because the TERFs were flocking to me — I hadn’t barged into one of their conversations, or invited them to explain to me what makes for a real woman, but there they were, in my space. So she doesn’t get to complain about me violating boundaries.