2018/01/15/Arsonist TERF thinks trans women are immoral

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This, then, is a moral issue for Bellos. She clearly believes that a cabal of powerful non-authentic women is, for reasons of personal gratification, silencing authentic women, whom, like herself, are not infrequently featured in international news media sources decrying their lack of free speech and platforms. Against this trans conspiracy, Bellos has pledged a “violent” response.

Violent responses are not to be taken lightly from the likes of Bellos, an admitted arsonist. As part of a 1970s-era group calling themselves Women Against Violence Against Women (dubbed, “Angry Women” by the UK press), Bellos says she would conduct “impact assessments to ensure that no lives were lost or people hurt” before fire-bombing sex shops. In total, Bellos’ group targeted at least 25 sex shops causing around half a million pounds (around £1,975,000, adjusted for inflation) in the early 1980s.