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Week 3: 2017-02-10 (day 20) – 2017-02-16 (day 26)

2017-02-10 (Day 20, Friday)

  • Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states (via) ...immigration activists said Friday that they had documented ICE raids of unusual intensity in the past 48 hours in Vista, Pomona and Compton, Calif.; Austin, Dallas, and Pflugerville, Texas; Alexandria and Annandale, Va.; Charlotte and Burlington, N.C.; Plant City, Fla.; the Hudson Valley region of New York; and Wichita, Kan. [..] There were also reports of ICE checkpoints, targeting immigrants for random ID checks, in North Carolina and in Austin, according to advocates.
  • Anti-Trump protesters pack Perdue, Isakson event (via) "It's not just progressives and liberals. Because I'm not one," said Heidi Morton of Smyrna. "There are a lot of conservatives and Republicans that can’t stand Trump. And Republican politicians need to know their constituents are out here."
  • DOJ nixes request to halt order against trans student protections: or, in other words, they're allowing an anti-trans court order to stand instead of challenging it

2017-02-11 (Day 21, Saturday)

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2017-02-16 (Day 26, Thursday)