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North Carolina Senate Bill 514, otherwise known as "Amendment One", is an attempt to further restrict same-sex marriage through an amendment to the state constitution. The bill submits to public vote the question of whether or not the state constitution should be so amended.

This bill is part of the political right wing's ongoing and pointless war on gay marriage.

Although same-sex marriage is already illegal in North Carolina, Amendment One would revoke many existing benefits conferred by city/municipal governments as well as hamper federal benefits to unmarried heterosexual couples, gay couples married out of state, and others.

It would also remove some benefits received by children of such couples, demonstrating that Republicans are quite willing to harm children for the sake of a Parthian shot against gay couples, showing the hypocrisy of their arguments that homosexual marriage is bad because it supposedly harms children.


The amendment won the popular vote in the May 8 election by a 22% margin, which was less than originally expected.

The backlash against this victory for conservoid fundamentalism was immediate, and is tentatively expected to result in quicker progress for gay rights in NC than would have been possible otherwise.

A petition to repeal the amendment had been started by the morning after the election.


Apparently state Democrats agreed to let the bill go to a vote sooner (May) rather than later (November) in exchange for budgetary concessions from state Republicans. The Republicans, for their part, were apparently expecting a high Republican-to-Democrat turnout at the polls in May because it is also a Republican primary and there were no Democratic seats being contested. That plan was thrown somewhat askew by the announcement of state governer Bev Purdue that she would be stepping down at the end of the term, leading to a contest for her seat.

The issue itself, of course, has also generated considerable furor, and many liberals are expected to show up at the polls primarily to vote against the amendment.


This bill was a bad idea even for those who are opposed to gay marriage (a position with no known justification); it likely only existed due to its use in rage farming.






  • Vote for Marriage NC has been placing a lot of online ads. Their primary argument: "The threat to our state's definition of marriage is real. In fact, North Carolina is the only remaining southern state that has not protected the definition of marriage in its constitution."
    • The Threat to Marriage: as usual, they never explain why this supposed "redefinition" of marriage threatens existing hetero marriages
      • "Those who do not agree with this new definition of marriage as a genderless institution existing for the benefit of adults will be treated under the law just like racists and bigots, and will be punished for their beliefs." -- this is because they are bigots. Amendment One would not prevent this.