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Terminate the U.S. Israel Alliance

Given a number sufficient acts, a friend may upon evaluation of those facts, terminate the friendship.

The United States of America needs to end its alliance with the State of Israel. As of recent many scholars, doctors of; history, political science, linguists, military analysts, policy makers, are now placing forward the proposition of the policy change with relation to U.S. Alliances, re: Israel. As the Alliance has changed considerably over the years we have seen negative benefits manifest or often contrary to and, in fact, extremely damaging to U.S. interests.

1. The attempted sinking the USS Liberty, spy ship, ship listed to the right due to Israeli gunboat torpedo striking the starboard hold, killing many inside. Israeli Fighters strafed the deck and shot away the communications antennas. Sailors heroically scaled the structure under fire and set up makeshift antennas, reestablishing communications. The distant US carrier Saratoga scrambled fighters to rescue Liberty, but made US Naval history when the jets were twice turned back--aborted the rescue due to the attackers being identified as Israeli--an ally. The captain was wounded & unconscious during the attack but later regained consciousness and was sitting up for hours in silence. He was later awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. The sailors have been very clear on this, the attackers were positively identified as Israeli. Thirty four sailors were dead and one hundred and seventy three wounded. The ship was dead in the water after it actively resisted the attack. Rescue by the 6th Fleet came 16 hours after the attack, the Liberty was towed to Malta, the dead were not removed till it had made dry dock in the hot weather--Mediterranean summer. In no one other instance of U.S Naval History has there been a travesty of this altitude. Israelis officially admitted to the attack, saying the ship was mistaken for enemy, as it was in a War Zone. However, U.S. flags were flown on both the top of the ship and an US flag was painted on the deck, the ships ID was also clearly written on its sides. Israeli Re-con jets had flown by the Liberty making visual contact and identification before the attack. The attack commenced using plain colored & unmarked Mystere & Mirage fighters that came in fast. Pilots questioned the attack orders 3 times due to the fact the target was American, they were ordered to proceed under threat of court martial. The Liberty's radio operators knew this as they intercepted the transmissions. The problem for the attackers is the Liberty did not sink, and its sailors & captain who defended her would live to be eyewitnesses to the fact. Robert S. McNamara, Secretary of Defense at the time, agreed the Israelis had intended to sink the Liberty and knew it was U.S.; George Golden, chief engineer eyewitness; James Ennes LCDR wrote a book; The Attack on the USS Liberty, which did not give the desired congressional inquiry.

2. Espionage; the security breach of the U.S. has been repeatedly and severely breached and compromised by the active Mossad spy activities of Israel on their ally, the U.S. This has happened over decades of violations and instances. During 9/11 60 Israelis were taken into custody cheering and having made Hi-5, holding up lighted lighters like a rock concert, just after the North Tower was struck. Their suspicious behavior got the arresting officer DeCarlo's attention and they told him, We aren't your problem, the Arabs are your problem, We have the same problems. They immediately knew it was beneficial to Israel. However, at the time, the belief was the North Tower was considered airline accident. They repeatedly failed polygraph questions and were held for 71 days and released from pressure from Israel.

3. Financial burden, Social burden. Cost, Expense. The transfer of wealth from the U.S. to Israel on a daily basis is no longer viable, as the establishment of new, modern military bases in Iraq & Afghanistan give us a new strategic asset in the region. We can keep a close watch on old, misunderstood enemies. The claim of strategic asset by Israel is no longer. The use of U.S. weaponry on civilian populations including chemical warfare has given the U.S. a branding by the world community. We can no longer afford Israel. Overall cost to U.S. 3 trillion dollars by the late Thomas R. Stauffer, June 2003 Washington Report, p. 20.; Aid has increased per year as of this date.

4. False Friend, Enemy in friends appearance. The two wars of Afghanistan & Iraq. As Israel is our official alley, they told us that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. They were in part responsible for Bush's decision to invade Iraq. None were ever found. Our soldiers fought & died during the taking and occupation of those countries. We now have active modern military bases there, which are manned with troops. We no longer need nor can afford an alliance with Israel. The new bases give us the strategic asset and allow us to make the best of a difficult situation. Who did benefit from these two wars?

5. Oppressive Military Aggression; The U.S. has progressively changed Israel's economic aid to direct military aid. This aid is used to dispossess people from their legal land and homes. The process is done deliberately and incessantly. Military attacks with American military hardware used to destroy neighborhoods are disengaged only to build illegal segregated settlements at a more hurried pace. They have the 2nd largest fleet of F-16s in the World. Media coverage; Drive by child shootings are captured by news agencies and deleted due to pro-Israel filtering as they were Arabs.

The ending of the U.S. Israel alliance would show the world we as a people, know what is just. We are their last friend and last ally. Know that we have elected officials who listen to us and who represent us. Become active citizens, protect your loved ones and be secure in your effects. Love your brother, and understand well who you call enemy. We can restore our reputation, but it will take work, We can do this together.