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The following are areas of education which, although important in earlier ages, have become even more so. They are also largely overlooked, neglected, or even counteracted in most primary school curricula.

Critical Thinking

I know I've written out lists of specifics on this one at least once or twice, but at the moment I can't remember where.

Spine Lessons

  • Knowing your rights as a citizen in a free society, both in principle and (advanced) under specific laws
  • Knowing how to judge reasonably when you are in the right vs. when you just "feel wronged" (so you don't erroneously excuse instances of genuine rights-violation as unfounded)

Questions I Can Answer

  • How money works (by request from Tessa; need to get more specific questions).
  • How power works.
    • Why some groups are singled out for abuse.
    • How right-wingers think, and how uncannily they match up with the general idea of "evil" as portrayed in fiction.
    • Why global warming denial still exists.
    • Why Flat Earth believers are still a thing.

Reading Material

  • Lois McMaster Bujold:
    • Falling Free
    • The Warrior's Apprentice
    • "Borders of Infinity"
  • David Brin: The Postman
  • Sylvia Engdahl, Heritage of the Star
  • Talen Lee, One Stone (recommended by Hoodie; I haven't read it)