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Sample Dialogue

From this thread:

Woozle, 2011-10-03 16:10

+Dan Baker said "I have been called an idiot, sexist, troll and racist..."

Based on your behavior here, I'm inclined to believe Greg's accusations against you; do you wish to challenge them?

Dan also said "Your other point that the objections I raise have been refuted before is simply absurd: many posters have admitted they "dont know the details" or havent looked into it, yet seem to instinctively know the stance they are expected to take."

Unless you present specific quotes to justify any accusations against RW, I think it's fair to assume -- without having to read more specifically -- that she is innocent (of the many accusations leveled against her by you and others) until proven guilty.

You have specifically accused RW of being "a hypocrite and a bully", of "repeated attacks on the person rather than the viewpoint: calling Kirby ignorant and priv. to discredit her views", and "awful treatment of McGraw".

Some specific quotes and links would be helpful so that we can see what you're talking about; otherwise it's just hearsay that doesn't match up with anything that I've seen of what RW has written or said.

Dan Baker - 2011-10-03 17:54

This is familiar Woozle... "skeptics" who admit they haven't looked into the matter, making assumptions and taking things at face value. Sagan would be proud :)

So you want me to do your work for you maybe link to McGraws account ( did you even bother to check into that? Or the previous Laden thread I linked to earlier or the other link to Kampalas blog that has all these links and quotes laid out in an easy to follow fashion?) and walk you through it with baby steps. When I can get to a computer (im on an ipod) ill give it a go. Anything else you need me to find for you while I'm at it, post defecation sanitary procedures for example?

Dan Baker 2011-10-05 04:16 (after some reasonable dialogue)



I'll respond to this properly when I get some time on a computer but... christ alive that is some twisted nasty stuff Staddon. The pseud in you comes shining through, claiming a straw man while setting an army of your own to hold up a desperate rationalisation and pre-held bias. Misogyny!! he cries. I'd say it was trolling or poe, but you clearly spent some time on it, (although missing out my question to you about me being a racist) and it's dripping with conceit. It's actually offensive reading; do you mind if I quote it elswhere? It's very good as an example piece. I realise this is a tease, but I'm on an ipod which makes it tricky to type, cut/paste etc plus I think I need to let it sink in, the brain-wrong; will respond soon. Shocking!