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This subpage is for notes on individual Google+ users.

Issue Idealogues

These users have fixed views on certain issues but haven't clearly crossed the line into trolling:

Possible Trolls

Serious Problems

Trolling or not, these had serious problems relating to others who disagreed with them:

Possible Sockpuppets

  • Gregory Geller: /Gord Birch supporter - but later seemed okay (unless I'm confusing him with another Gregory; need to look this up)
  • John Benussi: /Gord Birch supporter, trolling near end of this thread
  • list of troll and sockpuppet accounts... by someone whose account looks similar to one of the listed accounts...?

Immune to Reason

Serious Issues

Keep an Eye On

  • Lance Norris (still active as of 2012-04-26)
    • from this thread: "given a choice between he two, I'll go with the Right. Reagan added millions more jobs than Obama has without spending us into oblivion. The current Republican bills calling for lower taxes and other business incentives have been proven more than once. Obama's stimulus? Thanks to the Democrats we have more debt than at any other time in history and the job growth it was suppose to create still hasn't occurred." When asked for evidence, said he would provide it but was taking an ill relative to the hospital, "stay tuned".
  • Jim Clark - account not found as of 2012-04-26

Users With Businesses or Knowledge

  • byron rempel - etsy
  • Christopher Hannigan - professional tax preparer
  • David Whitlock - knows about cement - invented/commercialized "a process to remove unburned carbon from flyash so that the flyash could be used as a pozzolan in concrete and replace cement." ... "We have recycled over 10 million tons of flyash." comment here

Regional Sympathizers

Sympathetic types whose general location is known -- might be able to fact-check:

Local People

Blocking Me


  • Gary Walker - Cindy apparently recalls that there was a fracas