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1 World Trade Center (WTC1) (not to be confused with the newer building of the same name), often referred to as "the North Tower", was one of the "twin towers" which were destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. It was also part of the seven-building World Trade Center, all buildings of which were ultimately destroyed as a result of the attacks.

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1993 bombing

WTC1 had also been the victim of a 1993 bombing intended to topple the building and send it crashing into WTC2, destroying them both; the building remained standing and was soon repaired and returned to service.



9/11 Details

  • was hit by AA11 at either 08:46:30 or 08:46:40 (EST)
  • collapsed at 10:28:25, approximately 1:41:51 after impact (and after WTC2 collapsed)