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“recreational” abortion
aka “contraceptive abortion” or “using abortion as contraception”


The phrase "recreational abortion" is a loaded term which refers to the practice of copulating without proper contraception in the expectation of being able to easily obtain an abortion if pregnancy results.

It is an appeal to shame (sex-shaming) and a misrepresentation of the overwhelming majority of abortion-seekers. There being no evidence that this practice is commonplace, using it as an argument against easy access to abortion is also victim-blaming.

It is also highly hypocritical when used by people who have advocated against proper sex education and against making contraception as easily and widely available as possible, many of whom also identify as pro-life.



  • Action Canada: a pretty good list, with well-written explanations
    • MYTH: People use abortion as a means of birth control / people won’t bother with contraception if abortion is easily available.
    • MYTH: People have abortions for frivolous reasons.
  • Bronx Abortion
    • Myth: Women use abortion as a method of birth control.
    • MYTH: Women have abortions for selfish or frivolous reasons.

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