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John McCain is a Republican senator from Arizona. He officially announced his candidacy for president (2008 election) on 2007-04-25, but lost to Barack Obama.

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  • McCain apparently tried to add an amendment (to the 2006 Department of Defense Appropriations Bill) which would have banned "torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners"; VP Cheney has been campaigning hard to have the amendment modified to exempt the CIA from the ban. This article apparently describes what ultimately happened.
  • 'In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when Sen. John McCain proposed that (Don) Young redirect his prized pork money to help rebuild New Orleans, Young accused his detractors of "ignorance and stupidity." The victims of Katrina, he suggested, "can kiss my ear!"' [1]

possible bumper-stickers

In reference to McCain's tendency to say "you know... whatever" whenever he's caught changing his opinion, denying what he said on video 2 months ago, being vague, etc:

...well, you know. Whatever.