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Orson Scott Card (OSC) is a world-renowned American author, primarily of science fiction and fantasy. He also writes extensively on political subjects, generally from a moderate-conservative point of view despite being a registered Democrat.

Card is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka the Mormons), and Mormon themes are often found in his work -- including, unfortunately, promotion of the anti-gay agenda he shares with them.


  • anti-gay: OSC has written eloquently and illogically about how homosexuality will destroy civilization (yes, really).

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  • 2004/02/15 [L..T] Homosexual "Marriage" and Civilization “...anyone who has any understanding of how America – or any civilization – works... will realize that this new diktat of the courts [in support of gay marriage] will not have any of the intended effects, while the unintended effects are likely to be devastating.”