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Card has been openly hostile to the idea of gay marriage since at least the 1990s. His arguments, though eloquent, ignore critical facts.

OSC's key essay on this is:



  • 2013/11/07 [L..T] 10 Homophobic Quotes by Orson Scott Card, Author of Ender's Game «It is both funny and sad that such a gifted writer has nothing worthwhile to say on the subject of LGBTA rights. Instead, backed by his tired religious convictions, he makes the same, dry, awful arguments that we've come to expect from our basement-dwelling politicians. The great-great-grandson of award-winning polygamist Brigham Young moralizing against social taboos? With that hilarious hypocrisy, he might as well be touring with Dave Chappelle.»
  • 2013/10/31 [L..T] Orson Scott Card: Mentor, Friend, Bigot «These days, it's easier for me to think of them as two separate people -- the Card I knew, whose books I loved; and the increasingly unbalanced and extremist pundit whose worldview scarcely counts me as a person. But that's reductionist, and a disservice to both. Card is a monster who helped me learn to write, an author of hateful screed whose novels taught lonely, angry kids compassion and gave them their first sense of home. None of those things makes the others go away. None of those things makes the others stop mattering.»
  • 2013/07/09 [L..T] Ender's Game author Orson Scott Card issues plea for tolerance of his intolerance of gays «just like the Stonewall rioters, Card is here to say he’s finally had enough of being hounded simply for his way of life that involves decrying others' way of life.» If this had happened circa 2020, he'd doubtless be decrying cancel culture and demanding his right of freeze peach as well.
  • 2013/05/08 [L..T] Orson Scott Card's long history of homophobia «in addition to being one of the most critically acclaimed writers of science fiction, Card, or OSC, as he's dubbed in sci-fi circles, is also one of the most openly bigoted. Card is the great-great-grandson of Mormon icon Brigham Young, and his politics are deeply linked to his lifelong Mormonism. Card has been openly railing against what he calls "the homosexual agenda" for decades.»