2008-11-03 How McCain Could Win

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Here's an ugly little secret about American democracy: We don't count all the votes. In 2004, based on the data from the US Elections Assistance Commission, 3,006,080 votes were not counted: "spoiled," unreadable and blank ballots; "provisional" ballots rejected; mail-in ballots disqualified.

This Tuesday, it will be worse. Much worse.

This is depressing, and all-too-plausible... and the republicans will probably view it as entirely ethical, if things transpire as described. We'll know within two days if the nightmare is going to be real or not.

Followup: 2022

Yes, we got another 4 years of Dubya. Ironically, the Trumpists have now taken these events, switched the names around, and are claiming that the 2020 election – for which there is no evidence of any significant shenanigans – was stolen, and that Trump should still be president.