2009-02-14 Knoxville Shooter's Manifesto Made Public

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Adkisson was also clear that he considered his actions a hate crime. He made a special point in explaining that by emphasizing his hatred of "damn left-wing Liberals." He also described his rampage as a "political act." Matthew David Chamberlain, a 47-year-old nonviolent sex offender who shared a cell with Adkisson, told the News Sentinel, "He said if he got out (of prison), he'd do it again."


Reading this screed reminds me of some of the more entertaining comments we've collected on this web site, as well as some of the more colorful emails I've received on a few occasions. Yes, they are out there, and they're not as uncommon as you might think. Consider just about any comment left on the WorldNetDaily web site, or even this comment on the Sentinel's web site:

Ya know, with the exception of killing people, which is wrong under any circumstance, even liberals, he's pretty much right. This so-called liberal movement will destroy the American way of life. Liberals hate America and are extremely dangerous to our freedoms and liberty. Mark my words, check back here in a couple years, if this Obama-Nation has not yet utterly destroyed itself, so I can say I told you so.

Includes full text of the suicide note.