2011-05-03 Yes, you should join Anonymous

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By now, you are likely familiar with the basics of Anonymous - what is, what it does, and why. The last six months or so of activity, ranging from Operation Tunisia to the HBGary onslaught to our various activities in support of Wikileaks, have prompted a great deal of press coverage, much of it surprisingly accurate - largely due to the fact that some of us now talk regularly to reporters, who are themselves always permitted to watch us at work at the IRC server from which many of our operations are launched.

But despite our somewhat ironic transparency, there remain a few points of misunderstanding that we encounter when it comes time to recruit - which is to say that many skilled and well-meaning people who would find themselves right at home in our movement have refrained from considering us an option due to myths which may quite easily be cleared up.

As such, I've composed the following FAQ by which to address those myths along with common questions and concerns that we often encounter.