2014/03/07/Yet another ACA horror story draws scrutiny

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It's worth emphasizing that the pushback against deceptive advertising from the Affordable Care Act's foes appear to have had some effect – this new AFP spot is more restrained than many of its predecessors. (Unlike the recent Michigan attack, this one doesn't falsely suggest the health care law will endanger the lives of cancer patients.)

Indeed, it was of great interest to see that this Arkansas spot steers clear of many factual claims that would draw the scrutiny of fact-checkers. The woman in the ad, for example, doesn�t mention whether or not she's saving money, or whether she's any worse off than before.

The offensive is more straightforward: Wanda had one health plan and now she's complaining about getting a new plan. That's it. That's the attack.


The total number of Arkansans whose health plans have been canceled as a result of the Affordable Care Act? According to the Wall Street Journal's tally, the answer is zero.

In other words, the premise of this simple attack ad is at odds with reality.