2018/03/05/Sex Change Physically Impossible Psychosocially Unhelpful and Philosophically Misguided

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This article promotes the following myths:


  1. "The sex of an organism is defined and identified by the way in which it (he or she) is organized for sexual reproduction."
  2. "So an organism’s sex [...] is identified by its organization for sexually reproductive acts." (reiteration of point #1)
  3. "Sex as a status – male or female – is a recognition of the organization of a body that can engage in sex as an act."
  4. "The conceptual distinction between male and female based on reproductive organization provides the only coherent way to classify the two sexes."
    • This is a reiteration of point #3, which is false.
  5. "Apart from that, all we have are stereotypes."
    • This is also false, and flies in the face of several decades of evidence.