2018/08/07/Protesters clash with guards at Portland City Hall

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From Garbados, a friend who shared this link:

the guy who was nearly killed was saved by the helmet he was wearing, which he was wearing because he was part of black bloc. they had come with a medical contingent and a bulwark contingent equipped with shields; every one of them was wearing those helmets.

the police believe that the wound is “not consistent” with their understanding of the device’s capabilities, and so have asked him to step forward to corroborate evidence. he won’t come forward because our cops have a long history of open hostilities toward antifascists, such that this guy stands a fair chance of getting added to a watchlist or simply arrested if he comes forward.

meanwhile police disinfo abounds: that the protesters were throwing things (ranging from rocks to explosives), that they came armed with crowbars... i was there. none of that happened. the bloc protected us when the police opened fire.

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SummaryProtesters demanding reforms in police use of crowd control clashed with security officers at Portland City Hall after Mayor Ted Wheeler shut down a Wednesday morning City Council meeting. +
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TitleProtesters clash with guards at Portland City Hall; 2 arrested +
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