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[2018/08/04 - Portland, Oregon] : Local antifascists protested downtown in response to a rally by elements of the far Right, including the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, and white supremacists in general. Although elements of the Right had previously promised violence[1], the police apparently saw the peaceful counterprotesters as the primary threat and only ever targeted them with violence, disproportionately protecting and defending the far-right fascists.

This is but one of a number of incidents in which actions of the Portland Police Department have signalled a preference for fascism over peaceful coexistence.


police disinformation in the wake of the august 4 protests has been wild: first they said they opened fire because somebody threw a water bottle, then they said it was a rock, then explosives, then M-80s...

they reject that anyone was wounded by their munitions but they sent cops to local hospitals to look for injured protesters. they want the injured to come forward but nobody trusts that they won't be detained for speaking out.

@Garbados, 2018-08-09

[...]the fascists of Patriot Prayer bused in bruisers to crack skulls. in response, everyone from pussy-hat liberals, union orgs, the DSA, black bloc, and even clown bloc showed up as a united front. it was big for me to see even the centrists recognize the need to physically confront fascism, to appreciate the bloc battalions who brought medics, who put themselves between the police and civilians when the cops opened fire.

@Garbados, 2018-10-12




  1. Far-right preacher and Portland resident Alan Wesley Pucket made several such threats in late August, 2017.