2019/10/28/Protests Continue Against Neo-Confederates in NC

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Anti-racists continue to mobilize in North Carolina against neo-Confederate and white nationalist groups, with this weekend seeing two more arrests on the anti-racist side. Proud Boys, members of League of the South, and others rallied with Confederate flags across the street from a middle school, with anti-racists gathering to oppose them. Both of those arrested have been bailed out. Support them by donating here.

Included Tweets

2019-10-27 Tony Crider:

The protests in Pittsboro seem to be uniting the far-right. This weekend included people from League of the South, Proud Boys, The Hiwaymen, ACTBAC, and Heirs to the Confederacy. The first three of these marched in Charlottesville at the original Unite the Right event in 2017.

2019-10-26 Lindsay Ayling:

Chatham County Sheriffs came out and grabbed two anti-racists. They wouldn't say what for. Racists are bragging about the arrests, saying more of us will be arrested if we continue to oppose them. Cops doing a great job of recruiting for racism.

That was just one Tweet in a long thread with a lot of photos, starting here.