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Issuepedia's underlying goal is to help foster a better future for all.

Issuepedia's primary work towards that goal is to promote a more accurate understanding of reality through:

1. documentation of...
  • the best available evidence
  • propaganda and other attempts to manipulate popular belief
  • the manipulative tools used in such manipulation attempts (especially where successful)
  • well-intentioned errors in thinking due to inherent cognitive bias
2. development of tools to aid in the process of collective decisionmaking

Some particular emergent goals:

  • to provide a forum for rational discussion of contentious issues
  • to place protective yet transparent shields of verifiability and accountability around basic truths upon which civilization is built
  • to create a library of:
    • significant issues
    • opinions held on those issues, along with any available reasoning or background necessary to understand those opinions
    • analytical tools available for attempting to reach a reasonable decision on such issues
  • to provide a central collection point for information about other decision-making tools
  • Reclaiming words which have been misappropriated
  • Challenging readers to express viewpoints opposing those which currently predominate on Issuepedia (or anywhere)
  • Providing an outlet for Rampant Paranoia, so we can get those nagging doubts out of our heads and (hopefully) start proving them wrong

Issuepedia aspires to: