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K&L Gates is a United States law firm ranked as one of the largest law firms in the world.

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The "Gates" in "K&L Gates" is William H. Gates, Sr., father of Microsoft's Bill Gates.

Local Observations

Durham, NC

K&L is helping Durham Rescue Mission with its plans to expand in a way that will close 2 through-streets in an area of town where increased connectivity had been helping with a long, slow recovery -- thus aiding the reversal of that progress. See Endangered Durham for details.

Conclusions: At first glance, this seems like a very evil company; they're consistently on the wrong side of many significant local land-use disputes, and are aligned with some of the worst influences in Durham politics (most notably the misnamed Friends of Durham). I haven't known of their existence long enough yet for a second glance, nor do I know much about their activities outside of the Triangle area. --Woozle 02:28, 22 January 2011 (UTC)




  • 2011/01/19 [L..T] Fuller Memorial Presbyterian / Durham Rescue Mission “Plans submitted to the City / County Planning department with the rezoning demonstrated several worrisome elements to neighbors. The scale had grown considerably from the single multipurpose building discussed in previous years; it now stretched over portions of five city blocks, involved the demolition of 9 houses in historic district, and contemplated the closing of two streets, creating a fenced/gated facility stretching over three blocks.”
  • 2011/01/19 [L..T] How many ways has K&L Gates touched you today? “{K&L Gates's} high-stakes cases are well documented, and so is its slick, and often aggressive, brand of lawyering. To win, the attorneys have used clever legal tactics to steamroll opponents, impugned the ethics of some government officials and singed relationships with allies.”


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